do i have any spanish speaking follower? it’s really important

50shadesofeleanor asked: Ich bin auch aus Deutschland :D Schön mal einen deutschen zu treffen (:

irgendwie kommen hier sehr sehr viele aus deutschland :) find ich gut haha

she confirmed it on twitter (x)

lina--h asked: Du bist echt aus deutschland 😃✋

ja :)

bvulgxri asked: From which country are you? X


Anonymous asked: Actually I met el once she's nice and quiet, not much of talker but nonetheless she's very nice she does go to uni Manchester Right?i am a fan of the boys but don't really care about there love life but I coincidently met her it was a few months back and shes cool chill

ha that’s really cool :) i don’t know if she still goes to uni but i think so

Anonymous asked: I don't mean to be rude or anything, I love your blog :) But how do you know most of these facts? Do you get them from other blogs? Or actual sources? I hope I haven't upset you or anything and if I have, I'm sorry :) x

thank you :) most of them are really basic and others are from tumblr or twitter, interviews and stuff like that :)